Patti smith is a poet, a singer and an artist, that in my eyes is a very talented woman, who has and is giving allot to the world. She was not only one of the persons to form the New York's underground punk rock movement, but she also had allot to say in political issues at the time. She i also Called the "Godmother of Punk". I have chosen to draw Patti Smith because she is a great inspiration for me. She inspires me in many ways. Her writing is magical and it feels like you as a reader, gets withdrawn into her story’s. Also she is singing and playing music with such a passion. She has written allot of price winning books such as ”Just Kids”. The book is a masterpiece. She is a person I look very much up to, and i learn allot from her writing, her thoughts and and her expressions. She really made me see the world with different eyes, end made me think of things, that i never would have thought of if it wasn't for her. She inspires me in the way, that she doesn't care about what other people think, and that she is one of a kind human being. She lives in her own world and some readers are lucky enough to experience her world.

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